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May 6

Photography. A friends work in progress.

Posted on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 in Photography


Photo of a work in progress by artist Glenn Fitzpatrick aka fitzy593.
Glenn is a 1st Gulf War veteran who after leaving the services went and gained a Degree and then a Masters in Fine Art. He has campaigned for better care and support for veterans and his work is heavily influenced by his experience.

This piece is part of his Symbols of Society collection. You can see more of the collection here Symbols of Society
The medium used is pen and the paper size of his work is A1. He has also done a couple of installations which you can also see by following the Symbols of Society link above.

Glenn will be doing a solo exhibition shortly. Details to be confirmed. This will be in Kent, UK. Info will be posted on his site, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as the usual media sources.


You can follow Glenn on Twitter (just signed up)

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  1. Kelly Hall says:

    Those are really good photos.

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