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Jun 21

Photograph. Rusty Motorbike.

Posted on Sunday, June 21, 2009 in Photography

Took my friends dog for a walk and discovered this burnt out bike in a ditch.

Rusty Bike 1
Rusty Bike 2

Bring on the comments

  1. mdoherty says:

    I’d really like to see you do a series of something. I liked the hallway a few weeks ago, it was run down and decayed. I think with the motorbike, you could do an interesting series of rusty cars, bikes, whatever. I find it kinda thought provoking.
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  2. Katie says:

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  3. Nice foto.
    Though it´s a shame that someone abandons such a cool bike.

  4. I wonder what sort of story that bike has behind it. Cool shots. Keep up the good posts.

  5. The photos look as old as the motorbike. What camera are you using?

  6. Hurts my heart to see them that way. 🙁

  7. Kazza says:

    What a waste, why set it on fire and leave it in a ditch. Very sad.
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  8. Daniel says:

    Nice pic. Very nice motorcycle 🙂 .

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  9. Like the contrast of nature (nettles) vs machinery
    .-= Phil@thanet athletics´s last blog ..Thanet Athletics Club =-.

  10. I wonder what sort of story that bike has behind it. Cool shots. Keep up the good posts.Motorcycle

  11. It is strange what we see on walks in the country. Who knows the story behind the bike? Let’s hope whoever was riding it walked away in one piece.
    .-= James @ The Joker Costume´s last blog ..Disclaimer =-.

  12. Reminds me to always have my camera on me and ready to go in any sistuation because you never know what you might come across. Sometimes I just leave it behind because I dont want to lug it along. Great picture!

  13. Nice pics. The black and white one looks really artistic. I wonder what the story is behind that bike…I’m sure there’s something colorful going on if it was just found there burnt out…maybe it was stolen some time ago.
    Jess @ Bam Bam Costumes´s last blog post ..Kids Bam Bam Costumes

  14. Well what could be the reason why someone will burn and leave this bike in a ditch? How can we be sure that the owner of this bike is still okay. I know its bad to think about bad things, but I can’t help to. Still can’t think of any reason why some will burn and leave this bike.

  15. I only seen car accident that cause burnt out. But never seen such bike burnt, most probably somebody hate him ? Anyway, thanks sharing such photo
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  16. You can only wonder what happened here. Was this an accident or an insurance job. I suppose we will never know!
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  17. Pumps Heels says:

    Its really bad someone thrown nice bike on garbage…but quesstion is this migth be something happened bad with any one like accident, you must search thing around it.

  18. Looks like some serious removation is required! A shame but kinda artistic?

  19. What a waste! such a lovely peace of machinery….
    Someone took care of it, restoration….?

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  20. sapir says:

    i wish i have one… they look so cool!!! even when them broke…

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  22. sap says:

    wow, nice motorbikes! too bad that them broke though…
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  23. What a cool looking motorcycle. It actually still looks like the front tire has air in it. Maybe it just needs some TLC.

  24. Ian Moore says:

    Such a great bike. You should make a video clip and make a story around the bike.

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