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Oct 27

Photograph. Trawler. Folkestone Harbour.

Bring on the comments

  1. That’s awesome, how far out what that boat from sea?
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  2. Nice and unsual shot, interesting capture.
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  3. It’s a great picture. But i think this is standing there for quite sometime when there was water at that place.Or else how can some one bring that big one to that place.Nice picture.

  4. I love the light in this picture, it would have looked totally different if you had used a polarising filter.

    I like it full of atmosphere

  5. Great shot. I love the light reflecting off the water – the high contrast makes it look almost metallic, like molten mercury.

  6. that really is a nice picture, just wondering did you use photoshop on this image?

  7. Nice light, interesting shot. Keep ’em coming.
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  8. tim says:

    This is a great atmospheric shot which really tells a story.. Fishing boats make a great photographic subject as they signify mans struggle with nature…

  9. Thank you for posting this informative article!

  10. Its an amazing picture. Color and texture is really good. A big boat in middle of the beach is really cool.

  11. Great use of silhouette, it’s the people that make this image for me! Cool, thanks!

  12. tobyct says:

    @ Gary

    The people are what made this pic for me as well. I saw them walking and it took me a few shots to get this one as they kept walking in front of each other and merging into one rather than separate as I wanted them.
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  13. what an amazing shot! love the moody subtle lighting and the abandoned boat just sitting there!, people getting on with their day, oh i just love it!
    your very good

  14. Really love this picture, its like a book cover for a really interesting story, love the lighting on here and the focus on the boat and people, really ggo photography!!

  15. That really is quite a stunning photgraph, the light is perfect.

  16. Is this a picture or a painting? How did they do that? That’s really amazing.

  17. Great shot! Your work tells us that the method of using light is important to a phptographer. Thank you!

  18. Photography is amazing now, the things you can do on a computer with such programs as paint shop pro, photoshop, Even mobile phones have camera’s build into them. Now days most people have a camera either a digital camera, a mobile phone with a built in camera. it’s just great.

  19. This is a great picture. I wish I had awesome photography skills like this. Do you have a higher resolution so I can save it as my desktop?

  20. Exmoor Hotel says:

    Brilliant picture. Love it

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