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Jul 21

Photograph. Martha the Kitten

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2014 in Photography

Photograph of Martha our new kitten.

Martha the Kitten

Jun 8

Nomad Portable Micro USB ChargeKey and ChargeCard Review

Posted on Sunday, June 8, 2014 in Resources

A couple of weeks ago Nomad kindly sent me their portable chargers to review. I received their Micro USB Chargecard and their Micro USB Chargekey.  They also do Lightning connector versions for the latest iOS devices.

Nomad ChargeKey

Firstly, nice packaging. I know, means nothing if the product is no good, but hey, nice packaging. Luckily for Nomad, they delivered more than just nice packaging. Like most people, my phone runs out of juice quickly. Carrying a cable around seems silly so I was impressed with the Chargekey. I carry my keys with me all day so a charger being attached to them is a lot better than having a cable curled up in my pocket. The Chargekey is only slightly larger than my keys but I have not noticed it. The bendy rubber between the two ends means that you don’t get prodded when walking around or sitting down. I was worried about fluff/bits getting into the micro connector but this hasn’t happened yet. The connector fits tightly into my HTC One X. With it plugged into a laptop the shortness of the Chargekey is fine as the phone will tend to rest on the same surface as the laptop. With a workstation tower or TV then you are left with your device dangling. I left my phone plugged into the TV all day and it didn’t slip out. I did have a cushion underneath though, just in case.

Nomad ChargeCard

The Chargecard I didn’t get on with. It works fine, it’s just the portability issue that I have with it. It is just under 3 standard credit cards thick so having it my wallet, with my other cards, was a bit uncomfortable. I like the idea. Like my keys I also carry my wallet with me at all times. I had the Chargecard in my wallet for a week before taking it out.  For a purse, handbag or jacket pocket then it would be fine.

Conclusion.  For me, the Chargekey seems more convenient than the Chargecard and as such, is still on my keyring and is still being used most afternoons. Would I recommend the Chargekey? Yes.

Nomad Micro USB ChargeKey via Amazon UK

Nomad Micro USB Chargecard via Amazon UK

May 26

Photographs. Cats.

Posted on Monday, May 26, 2014 in Photography

Just a couple of photographs of our cats. Haven’t posted for a while…lost my photo mojo!

Fraps on the shed roof

Betty and Fraps